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Advice For Tenants

The process for leasing is very strict in Dubai and requires certain documents from both tenant and landlord to commit to a written agreement. If you are new to Dubai you may be unaware how the payment method works here and the documentation required for a tenancy contract. In the rental process Castles Real Estate will illustrate what is needed to complete a contract in Dubai.


Tenant – Personal:

To be eligible to lease a residential property in Dubai on a long term lease you *must be a resident *in Dubai. You will need your visa from your company in order to have a valid tenancy agreement. Along with this you will need to provide clear copies of your passport.

Additional documents

Upon finding a property you want to move into and make your home. Along with the documentation you will need to provide a security deposit cheque (5% of the rental amount for the year is general practice unless otherwise stated in the contract) and the total rental amount for the year in the name of the landlord in order to show your interest in committing to a long term agreement. This is standard practice in Dubai at which point you will be asked to check and sign the lease agreement between you and the landlord, a Castles Real Estate agent will take this to the landlord to be signed and once it is signed by both parties we will issue the rental and deposit cheques to the landlord on your behalf. Castles Real Estates’ agency fee will then be collected from you (the tenant) in the form of PDC (Post Dated Cheque) for your agreed handover date.

Summary of documentation

  • Passport and Valid Visa copy
  • Security deposit cheque (5%)
  • Rental amount (the agreed sum and cheques)
  • Commission cheque (5%)

Quick tips:

Don’t learn the hard way – Leasing a property for the first or the thirty first time can be stressful in Dubai that is why you should *ONLY *use a *RERA *registered agency like Castles Real Estate to do your negotiation and contracts

Be prepared – Do your research on what areas you might want to live in and what lifestyle you prefer. There are thousands of properties in each major freehold areas so preparing your requirements beforehand makes it much more efficient when looking for the perfect place to live and drastically reduces the stress factor!

Price range – Knowing how much you want to spend on leasing a property will give our agents a much better chance of finding you something that works for your pocket. With an increase in rental amounts of over 30% it is crucial to know what price range works best for you.

Prioritize – What can you not live without? This question is hard but very important. Do you really need two bedrooms? Do you have to have a view of the golf course? All of these factors are very important because they determine the price and availability of properties here in Dubai. So ask yourself the question…. can I live without it? Make a list of priorities, things that you want and things that you need. Try and be as honest as possible you will be surprised at the end result.

Just call – If there is anything you are unsure about just pick up the phone and call us we can answer all your questions on real estate. If you cannot call email us or leave your details and we will call you back. Check out “Contact Us” for our details.

Landlord – Company:

If your property is owned by a company there are certain documents you will need to verify the status of the company. The company owning the property *must have* the following:

  • MOA or AOA
  • Trade license
  • Passport copy of authorised signatory for the company
  • Title Deed copy
  • EJARI registration
  • POA

Additional documents

Along with the formal documentation to initiate the leasing contracts there are additional documents needed for the tenant. A copy of the final DEWA bill (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) from yourself or previous tenant will be required. Please note: DEWA now require landlords to have an account running simultaneously with the current tenant (The landlord will not pay for tenants billing) so you may have to complete a form at the local DEWA office in order to obtain this. Any maintenance contracts you have got for your property will need to be issued to the tenant in order for them to utilise in the future.