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Meet The Team

Amarjeet Singh Dhir

Amarjeet Singh Dhir CEO

Faiz Sukhera

Faiz Sukhera Project Manager

Oksana Dobrovolska

Oksana Dobrovolska Senior Property Consultant

Oksana has over 9 years of work experience in...More info
Marta Raczkiewicz

Marta Raczkiewicz Senior Property Consultant

Marta was born and raised in Poland, she studied...More info
Aman Dhir

Aman Dhir Senior Sales Consultant

Aman has over 7 years of work experience in...More info
Steven Ashton

Steven Ashton Senior Property Consultant

Steven can boast the UK, Spain, Cyprus, South East...More info
Frankie Alexandra

Frankie Alexandra Senior Property Consultant

Frankie has a very diverse background, predominantly medical based....More info
Pawittar Singh

Pawittar Singh Senior Property Consultant

Pawittar has been working with Castles Real Estate for...More info
Sophia Karipova

Sophia Karipova Senior Property Consultant

Sophia is one of the most accomplished and respected...More info
Pawinee Panikul

Pawinee Panikul Senior Property Consultant

Pawinee moved to Dubai in the year 2000 and...More info
Gail Crawford

Gail Crawford Senior Property Consultant

Leaving university with a BA Hons Degree in Business,...More info
Maria Vasilenko

Maria Vasilenko Senior Property Consultant

Maria started her career in real estate in Dubai...More info
Arby Intal

Arby Intal Graphic Design Director

“A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science graduate with...More info
Daljeet Kaur

Daljeet Kaur Listing Coordinator

Daljeet is originally form India, a place where people...More info
Biji Vijay

Biji Vijay Senior Accountant

Biji Vijay joined Castles Real Estate in 2012 as...More info
Arlyn Dino

Arlyn Dino Accountant

Arlyn graduated with a degree in BS Accountancy back...More info
Ruth Sium

Ruth Sium Sales Support Executive

Ruth is originally from Eritrea East Africa and a...More info
Aparna Vellaikal

Aparna Vellaikal Sales Support Executive

Aparna has lived in Dubai for the last 20...More info
Vina Mendoza

Vina Mendoza Sales Support Executive

Vina has been working with Castles Real Estate for...More info
Kamal Sunar

Kamal Sunar Office Assistant

Kamal has been working in Dubai for the last...More info
Vikram Kumar

Vikram Kumar Office Assistant

Vikram has been living in Dubai for almost 2...More info
Sunny Sharma

Sunny Sharma Company Driver

Sunny has been living in Dubai for 7 years...More info
Hikmat Sher

Hikmat Sher Company Driver

Hikmat is a soft spoken man whose family is...More info