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Long considered a glistening facet of Dubai residency, the Marina continues to expand upon its initially impressive beginnings. Yachts sit moored along the meandering skyscraper lined banks of the 3,500 meter canal, adjoining the sea at both ends.

Resplendent and glittering both day and night, the Marina Walk provides a setting for some of the most sought after dining, shopping and entertainment venues in the city, the pinnacle of which perhaps is the 150,000 sq ft. Dubai Marina Mall.

An area possibly best characterized and recognized by its glittering and striking skyline, the Dubai Marina is an ever changing and well sought after community which is able to provide at ease a perfect blend of beach/waterfront access in tandem with city living. Comprised of skyscrapers, hotels and residences set adjacent to the beautiful yet serene Persian Gulf; the Marina provides an extremely desirable residency location.